JohnGedge, and Dana spend a lot of time talking about movies, TV, books, comics, and whatever else crosses their minds. It’s Cool, But It Sucksis place for them to archive these conversations for future embarrassment. From time to time they convince other people to come on and join in on the nonsense as well. Listen in to get unique insights on obscure topics and tell them why they’re wrong.


20150413_182852 (1)

John is an all around media fan who specializes in comic book and movie knowledge. He’s happy to spend days on end talking about Mad Max, James Bond, and Captain America.

Twitter: @johnboyu  Email: john@itscoolbutitsucks.com


Gedge is versed in fantasy and sci-fi literature, as well as Conan the Barbarian comics. He’s really into Doctor Who, even though he thinks it sucks most of the time.

Twitter: @danielgedge  Email: gedge@itscoolbutitsucks.com


Dana is a tech manager by day, and a movie extra by night. For fun she re-finishes furniture, attempts to discipline her dogs, and watches every horror movie she can.

Twitter: @DanaRUnderwood Email: dana@itscoolbutitsucks.com

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