Yesterday we got the first teaser for the next Netflix Marvel show: Jessica Jones, and it looks pretty slick. It doesn’t gives us anything in terms of story, but it definitely establishes a tone, what with the sultry music and artsy visuals. There appears to be a Netflix/Marvel “house style” on display here, as the teaser feels of a piece with the Daredevil materials we got around release time.

Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil came out a long time before we fired up this blog, so we haven’t really had an opportunity to talk about it, but I really liked it. The show has some pacing issues, and I was a bit underwhelmed with how it handles Matt Murdock’s superpowers (he doesn’t seem to have them), but overall I really liked the aesthetic, the story the chose to tell, and the overall connection to the bigger MCU. They’re really going for a live action Marvel Knights thing, and I think it’s working. Hopefully Jessica Jones learns from some of those mistakes and we get a slightly more streamlined show.

For the uninitiated, Jessica Jones will be based off the Marvel Comic Alias (the title has been changed for obvious reasons), which tells the story of Jessica Jones, a former superhero named “Jewel” who has hung up her tights to become a private detective. One of the big plot lines of the original book is Jones’ backstory and why she decided to end her super-activities in the first place. It’s a pretty cool street level take on the superhero world, and focuses a lot more on the psychological trauma that could come with being a hero. Breaking Bad alum Kristen Ritter is playing the titular hero, with Mike Colter showing up as Luke Cage before he gets his own show, and my person favorite Doctor, David Tennant, playing the (very nasty) villain Purple Man.

Let’s mark November 20th on the calendar and prepare to watch the whole damn show in one sitting.

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