Continuing our (delayed) coverage of Disney’s D23 Expo, let’s take a look at all the goodies (or lack thereof) Marvel brought to the masses.

Captain America Civil War!

Unlike the Star Wars panel, Marvel didn’t bring much to the non-paying public. However, guests in attendance were treated to pretty nifty sounding sizzle reel from the upcoming Captain America sequel.┬áHere’s a link to Quint’s description over at Ain’t It Cool. I don’t have a ton to add since I didn’t see the footage, and they didn’t release any promotional materials, but it sounds pretty cool.

Doctor Strange!

Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme got a small showing as well, with a Benedict Cumberbatch filmed greeting to the audience (he’s in London working on his stage production of Hamlet) and a video presentation of some concept art and pre-viz footage. The movie doesn’t start shooting until this fall, but everything shown sounds promising. Here’s a link to Devin Faraci describing it, and he sounds pretty happy. This should be pretty cool movie, and after Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, Marvel is starting flex their weird muscle more and more.

And… that’s about it. Marvel seems pretty confident in their 2016 fare, and they definitely have the ability to coast on their brand for a while, but it seems strange after so many years of show stopping presentations to present nothing SDCC and so little at D23. Maybe this is the new norm, and we just have to get used to waiting for movie to come out again. Either way, I can’t wait to see a CA:CW trailer in the near future.

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