We’ve been building up to it for a few weeks, but now that October is in full swing, we can officially kick of Horror Month on ICBIS!

Horror Month is going to be devoted to the things that claw at the corners of our subconscious and keep us up at night. We’re going be looking at movies, books, games, TV, anything that makes our skin crawl or delights us with terror.

We’ll kick things off in earnest with next week’s podcast, in which we’ll examine the big question: what is horror? Each week will be devoted to a specific horror subject, next week being “The Basics,” where we’ll look at the foundations of the genre and the various sub-genres that make it up. We’ll also have some fun looks at our favorite types of horror, what scared as children, and why we love horror so much.

Keep posted to the site, Twitter, and Facebook as we unleash a torrent or horrifying content coming your way!

To get you excited, here’s a fun supercut I found on Youtube:

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