Episode 2.11: The Dobeck Horror Picture Show

Happy Halloween! We’re wrapping up Horror Month with a round table horror movie blowout. Josh Dobeck is back with his brother Zach to play some horror movie trivia, wax poetic about the good old days of Cinemax and video store horror isles, and we wrap it up with a recap of our favorite Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Episodes. We cover a ton of ground here, so strap in. When you’re done, comment and let us know about your favorite horror movie memories.

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Episode 2.10: Return of the Living Horror Month!

It’s October, so that means it’s Horror Month! In this episode we talk about all the new horror movies Gedge watched so far this month, and then veer off into our own personal spooky stories. We also talk a little about that new Guardians of the Galaxy 2 preview and do our best Jesse Ventura impressions.

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In Which Disney Nearly Ruins Superman III

When I was younger, one of the most terrifying films I’d ever seen was a late ’70s sci-fi flick, and it was not Alien. Apologies in advance for any spoilers about the 1979 film I’m about to discuss, but seriously guys, this movie is older than I am. If you’re going to watch it, you probably would have done so by now.

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Episode 11: Horror Sub-Genres

We continue Horror Month with a discussion on Cross-Genre Horror. We’re talking Comedy Horror, Romantic Horror, Sci-Fi Horror and more. Plus, John and Dana erupt in drama over the finer nuances of Big Foot as Dana asserts her feminist dominance; John’s sleeping on the couch over this one.

In a turn of events, we also talk about the new Star Wars trailer, and somehow end up discussing original series Star Trek.

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Which Wytch do I Switch?

This post is part of a series on horror fundamentals, exploring the monsters and the reasons we fear them. 

It’s a little tough to pin down what exactly a witch is, because everyone has a slightly different perception of who and what a witch really is; a cursory example would be the fact that the Wikipedia disambiguation page for the word is one of the longest I’ve encountered. Digging even slightly deeper, we learn that witches are divided into good and bad camps from the Wizard of Oz universe. Joss Whedon tells us that the girl next door, on whom literally everyone has a crush, could well be a witch. MacBeth’s run-ins with the witches shook the royal courts of Scotland. Closest to home, at least for this writer, a small Massachusetts down forever defined the phrase “witch hunt” by burning a group of innocent women at the stake.

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Episode 9: Horror Fundamentals

It’s time to kickoff Horror Month with a whole podcast devoted to the big question: What is horror? In this super sized episode we go all the way back from Dante up to the present and look at different types of horror, why we like horror, what it all means, and why some people just plain get it wrong. There’s a lot to chew on here, so sit back, relax, and let the terror take you over.

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