Episode 2.9: End of Summer Round Up

Welcome back to the podcast! On this episode we recap the past month and catch everyone up on what we’ve been up to. Gedge had some new experiences, John crossed off some bucket list items, and Dana put up with the two of them.

Be sure to stay till the very end. We got a little jumpy and tried to end the show before we got to John’s favorite part of London.

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Episode 13: Double Oh… Crap

We’re back! We took last week off so we’d rested and ready to dig into some James Bond action. This is like Christmas for John, so on top of some spirited SPECTRE discussion, get ready for spy themed digressions and Bond history trivia.

Also: We dig into the gory goodness of Ash vs. Evil Dead and the rest of the Evil Dead series.

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Episode 8: Dana’s Life Is a Muppet Funeral

We’re back after a short hiatus with a new episode! The new season of Doctor Who started, so of course we talk about that. John busts out his best singing voice for the new James Bond theme, courtesy of Sam Smith. We talk about everything: quilts, Muppets, sonic sunglasses, Rick and Morty… strap on your headphones and give it a listen.
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Episode 7: The Phantom Moffat

It’s wife week on the podcast as Dana and Annie join us for a friendly discussion about Doctor Who, starting with the Doctor’s wife, River Song, and ending in a critique of the current state of Who. Is Moffat more J.J. Abrams or George Lucas? Is either one of those good? In addition, Gedge and Annie reveal the worst companion.

Also: Gedge watched the Guest, so we talk about Dan Stevens’ good looks. Plus: Kurt Russell! Weird ’80s horror movies!

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Episode 6: Dragon Con: Fury Road

We’re back again, and this time with a special guest! Dana joins us to help us recap Dragon Con and bring some much needed estrogen to the equation.

Also, we talk a lot about Mad Max: Fury Road, which escalates into a discussion about the finer points of action cinema. Once again, Gedge is wrong about the Bourne movies. Plus: new friends! cosplay! wrestling! JAMES BOND!

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Episode 1

Hey everyone, here’s our first show! Gedge and I listen to a lot of podcasts, so let’s see if that translates into us being able to make one of our own.

This one runs a little long because we use the first part of the show to discuss what we want actually want to do with this show. We then move on to talk about everything from James Bond, to Spider-Man, to Doctor Who, to Mission:Impossible. We’ll probably keep the next one a bit shorter. Listen in, and let us know what you think. We have no idea what we’re doing, so any suggestions would probably help.

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