Episode 12: The Final Chapter

It’s the final week of Horror Month, and as a special treat, we brought along our friend Josh Dobeck to join in on the festivities!

We talk about all things slasher: from the rules, to the killers, to the kills. Josh even brings along his top 10 list of favorites. Plus: we wax nostalgic about video stores, VHS box art, and endless reruns on basic cable.

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Episode 5: Doctor Radd!

Derivative work of genius or crappy Doctor Who fan fiction? We discuss the new Silver Surfer comic and its roots in the framework of Doctor Who (hint: we love it).

Also: Gedge finally watched Django Unchained, and true to Gedge-form he totally doesn’t understand Tarantino, but John attempts to educate him, and Wes Craven died, so that sucks. Plus: Doctor Who as a woman? I say.

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Wes Craven 1939 – 2015

Well, this is a bummer. Wes Craven has passed away at the age of 76. Apparently he was fighting brain cancer, which was also news to me.

Craven was a fascinating staple of the horror genre: a college professor who quit his job to direct movies, starting with porn, moving to exploitation flicks, and moving into one of the most recognizable faces in cinema.

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Episode 4: Reference Materials

As always, here’s some extra media to back up the podcast discussions. We don’t want anyone to feel out of the loop, but if you are, we want to make sure you have access to stupid crap we do. The best part of any podcast is learning or be exposed to something new. So, you’re welcome.

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