Episode 2.2: The Art of Inspiration

Welcome back, loyal listeners. In this episode we tackle using existing characters and tropes to build new worlds and stories. This is mostly an excuse to talk about how much we like The Venture Brothers, but we manage to dig into some meaty topics.

Also, we dig into the new Ghostbusters trailer, Gedge gets to gush about The Dresden Files, and Dana talks about Tarantino.

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Episode 5: Doctor Radd!

Derivative work of genius or crappy Doctor Who fan fiction? We discuss the new Silver Surfer comic and its roots in the framework of Doctor Who (hint: we love it).

Also: Gedge finally watched Django Unchained, and true to Gedge-form he totally doesn’t understand Tarantino, but John attempts to educate him, and Wes Craven died, so that sucks. Plus: Doctor Who as a woman? I say.

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The Hateful Eight Trailer Trailer Looks Grateful Great!

It looks like 2015 is going to be one of those rare years where the winter popcorn movie fare will equal, if not overshadow, the summer offerings. We’ve got a new Bond November 6th, a new Star Wars December 18th, and Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight on Christmas Day. I’ve been stoked for this one for while just because of promo stills, but today we get to see the facial hair in motion!

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