Episode 2.5: Civil War Recap

We’re back! This week we recap some of the stuff we’ve been up to over the past few weeks and dive into Captain America: Civil War. We all liked it a lot, so we talk about why it worked so well for each of us. Plus, you’ll get to find out if Dana and I made the final cut.

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Episode 3: Hipster Superheroes

We’re back for our third episode. I’m a little bit more awake in this one, and Gedge is as angry and clueless as always. In this one we catch up on last week’s news and answer the big question: can Kurt Russell still pull off Snake Plissken?

Also, we hate hipster millennial bullshit, but we love the new Batgirl comic. Listen to why we think it’s cool even though we’re not 16 year old girls. We also get around to answering a listener question.

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The Black Panther Makes His Online Debut

Captain America: Civil War has made it’s way from Atlanta to Berlin, where they appear to be shooting some exciting exteriors with Cap, Bucky, and the Black Panther! Marvel hasn’t been as coy with the Black Panther as they have been with the newest iteration of Spider-Man, official announcing the casting of Chadwick Boseman and releasing concept art back in October, but it’s still pretty exciting to see the images of the very first live action adaptation of the character.

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