Episode 2.13: Space Battles! Part 2

Welcome to the last podcast of 2016! We couldn’t end the year without talking about Star Wars, so here we are. What did we think about Rogue One? Did we love it, or did we adore it? Tune in to find out.

Also: End of the year lists! The female perspective with Dana!

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Episode 2.12: Doctor Strange All Spoilers Podcast

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode we go super deep into Doctor Strange, a movie that the majority of the podcast absolutely loved. We don’t hold back and spoil the crap out of the movie, so if you’re sensitive to that, stay back. We also get into Luke Cage and have a trailer round up. Tune in and let us know what you thought about the movie!

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Episode 2.4: Clash of the Titans

We’re back with a round up of the past few week’s big news items. Most importantly, we get pumped about the recent buff guy and girl brawls with our takes on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and this year’s Wrestlemania. Both were bad, but we at least had fun watching one of them. We also dive into the importance of character and storytelling, why professional wrestling should be a more credible nerd outlet, and get excited about a bunch of new trailers.

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Episode 3: Hipster Superheroes

We’re back for our third episode. I’m a little bit more awake in this one, and Gedge is as angry and clueless as always. In this one we catch up on last week’s news and answer the big question: can Kurt Russell still pull off Snake Plissken?

Also, we hate hipster¬†millennial bullshit, but we love the new Batgirl comic. Listen to why we think it’s cool even though we’re not 16 year old girls. We also get around to answering a listener question.

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D23 Roundup: Star Wars

Disney’s D23 Expo¬†(D23 is Disney’s fan club, referencing 1923, the year Walt Disney arrived in California and started his studio) came and went this past weekend, giving us some insights on upcoming Disney projects ranging from theme parks, to animation, to live action movies. This is exciting to us, because that means we got new details on new Marvel and Star Wars crap coming down the pipe. As neither Gedge or I were able (or willing) to attend the conference, here’s what we heard second hand.

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