Which Wytch do I Switch?

This post is part of a series on horror fundamentals, exploring the monsters and the reasons we fear them. 

It’s a little tough to pin down what exactly a witch is, because everyone has a slightly different perception¬†of who and what a witch really is; a cursory example would be the fact that the Wikipedia disambiguation page for the word is one of the longest I’ve encountered. Digging even slightly deeper, we learn that witches are divided into good and bad camps from the Wizard of Oz universe. Joss Whedon tells us that the girl next door, on whom literally everyone has a crush, could well be a witch. MacBeth’s run-ins with the witches shook the royal courts of Scotland. Closest to home, at least for this writer, a small Massachusetts down forever defined the phrase “witch hunt” by burning a group of innocent women at the stake.

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