Episode 2.1: Do You Even Nerd, Bro?

We’re back from our break with season two! What does it mean to be a nerd? Who is a nerd? Does a nerd even exist when Marvel and Star Wars are the most popular film brands in the world? In this episode we examine nerd culture and our place within it.

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Episode 17: Space Battles!

Hey everyone! Welcome back for the last podcast of the year. We went long to tide you over until we come back in 2016. In short: The Force Awakens came out and we saw it. In this podcast we talk about it. A lot. In great detail. If you haven’t seen it, don’t listen to this podcast. Go give Disney more money and see it. Then come back and listen to this podcast.

On top of our lengthy Star Wars discussion, Dana gives us her top movies of 2015, which sparks some spirited debate. All in all, it’s been a great year, and we’re excited that we’ve been able to attract some great listeners. We’re also excited to see where this dumb thing goes next year, so we hope you come back and check us out in 2016.

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Episode 16: Trek Wars!

After a pretty heated fight over the new Star Trek trailer, we decided to take it to the air waves and hash some stuff out. In this episode, we wrap up our Doctor Who coverage, debate the new Star Trek trailer, and get sentimental about Star Wars.

Dana also fills us in on her burgeoning film career, and we do our best Rick Flair impressions.

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D23 Roundup: Star Wars

Disney’s D23 Expo¬†(D23 is Disney’s fan club, referencing 1923, the year Walt Disney arrived in California and started his studio) came and went this past weekend, giving us some insights on upcoming Disney projects ranging from theme parks, to animation, to live action movies. This is exciting to us, because that means we got new details on new Marvel and Star Wars crap coming down the pipe. As neither Gedge or I were able (or willing) to attend the conference, here’s what we heard second hand.

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